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Create engaging learning experiences in one click

Your all-in-one user friendly AI educational platform to empower your human skills.
Save +600 hours per year
Increase +600% your productivity

Create new learning paths for your users in no time, with your personal AI Teaching assistant.

Select your content

Your AI teaching assistant will use only your trusted content from any provided document or video, including YouTube or Vimeo, to create new content and avoid providing misleading results happening in other AI services.

Let the AI work for you

The AI will create and correct exams, summaries, and bullet points, all based on your selected content and orders, saving you hours of administrative tasks.

Organize the content playlist

Avoid the hassle of multiple apps and tools to create one single content. Edit and organize easily, all the assets inside the playlist to create an engaging learning experience in no time.

The average full-time instructor spends around 600h yearly on grading, preparation, and administration


Enable 60x faster results

While increasing content engagement and interaction.

Any plan comes with 7 days free trial